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For over 10 years Los Angeles photographer Gerdy Abelard has created stunning photography and videos for some of the top athletes, influencers, business and international media outlets. His work has included lifestyle, advertising, portraits and videos content for the beauty industry, professional sports and advertising campaigns. Professional Photographer Gerdy has become one of foremost experts on lighting.”


His unique resume has allowed him to develop a dynamic style that produces striking visuals whether they are produced in the real world or his Studio work in Los Angeles, California


As a commercial photographer, Gerdy has worked on advertising and public relations campaigns for many business both locally and nation wide . His clients and marketed brands and celebrities have included.



Gerdy's Journey: From Bodybuilder and Personal Trainer to Renowned Photographer

Gerdy had always been passionate about fitness and bodybuilding. He dedicated countless hours to sculpting his physique, eventually achieving the title of Men's Championship Bodybuilder. His chiseled body and dedication to fitness earned him a reputation as a sought-after personal trainer and fitness model. Yet, little did he know that his journey would take an unexpected turn, leading him down a path he could never have anticipated.

As a personal trainer, Gerdy thrived in helping others achieve their fitness goals. His clients admired his commitment and the results he produced, but he soon realized that success in the fitness industry required more than just sculpted muscles and a strong physique. It demanded effective marketing and promotion. With competition on the rise and social media becoming the epicenter of fitness trends, Gerdy knew he had to adapt.

Out of necessity, he picked up a camera. Armed with a basic DSLR and a keen eye for aesthetics, Gerdy began capturing his own workouts and creating content to promote his personal training business. He experimented with angles, lighting, and composition, all while showcasing his own fitness journey. It was a challenging transition from the gym floor to behind the lens, but he was determined to succeed.

Gerdy quickly discovered that photography was not just a means to an end but a new form of self-expression. He found himself drawn to the artistry of capturing moments, the interplay of light and shadow, and the storytelling aspect of each image. Photography allowed him to tap into a different creative realm, one that complemented his fitness background.

As he continued to produce captivating content for his social media platforms and website, Gerdy's talents behind the camera began to be recognized by his clients. His fitness models, actors, executives, and fellow athletes noticed the quality of his work and the unique perspective he brought to each photoshoot. They appreciated how he could capture their strength, grace, and charisma in a single frame.

Word-of-mouth recommendations led to more clients seeking Gerdy's photographic services. His reputation as a personal trainer turned photographer grew rapidly, and he soon found himself booked for professional photoshoots, headshots, and marketing campaigns. His ability to connect with his subjects, understand their goals, and bring out their best in front of the camera set him apart in the competitive world of photography.

With each passing day, Gerdy's journey transformed from being a personal trainer and bodybuilder to a renowned photographer. He embraced this unexpected twist with open arms, blending his passion for fitness with his newfound love for photography. Gerdy found fulfillment in helping others realize their potential not only in the gym but also through the lens of his camera.

In the end, Gerdy's journey exemplified the power of adaptation, creativity, and the pursuit of one's true passions. From a fitness-focused beginning, he evolved into a multifaceted artist whose work transcended physical boundaries. Gerdy's story serves as a reminder that sometimes life's unexpected detours can lead to the most extraordinary destinations, and it's our willingness to embrace change that defines our success and fulfillment.


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